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Fishing Pass 
Fishing Pass is a fishing licence system containing the combined licence areas of major lakes of the Tampere Region.
Fishing Pass licences - prices for the year 2017 and retail outlets
Basic licence provisions:

All fishing licences are non-transferable. A licence covers a spinning and trolling lure, fly, jigging lure and a hook and line; in rapids licence areas it covers a spinning lure or fly. The number of rods is unrestricted, unless otherwise indicated. Annual licences are valid for a calendar year, short-term licences for a continuous period starting at 00.00 a.m. on the start date and ending at 00.00 p.m. on the end date. Possible exceptions to this information are given separately for each licence area (Lakes and Rapids). If you pay a short-term licence in advance, please note down the start date for the fishing period on your receipt.

You can also pay for licences through direct transfer into the Fishing Pass account by bank giro, on the Internet by on-line banking or using a self-service payment machine and the receipt serves as your licence document.
Tip: You may pay for a licence for a short period in advance. Please ask the seller to note down the start date (which is different from the payment date) in the place reserved for that purpose on the receipt. This only applies to licences for 30, 7, 3 or 1 days.  The same principle also applies when you pay the licence through the on-line banking to the Fishing Pass bank account.
Easy payment of licences:
Licences are sold online at (only in Finnish at the moment.)

You can also pay the licence to Fishing Pass Bank Account. Receipts must contain the following information:

Recipient’s account details:
Bank: Tampereen Seudun Osuuspankki (TSOP)
Account number (IBAN): FI24 5732 2620 0867 02

Recipient: Pirkanmaan Kalatalouskeskus (Fisheries Centre of the Tampere Region)

Name and address of licence-holder

Name of licence area, licence period and price of licence

Indication of a possible special licence (such as motor trolling or youth licence)

An example of a bank giro form:
Saajan tili (Recipient´s account)
TSOP FI24 5732 2620 0867 02
Viesti (Message)
(Two examples, a and b)

a)  Näsijärvi annual licence,

b)   Ruovesi 3 -day licence 

Saaja (Recipient) Pirkanmaan Kalatalouskeskus
(Fisheries Centre of the Tampere Region)
Maksaja (Payer)
Antti Ahven (name)
Hallituskatu 3 (address)
Allekirjoitus (Signature)
Antti Ahven
Tililtä n:ro (From account no.) XXXXXXX-XXXXXX Eräpäivä             (Due date)  a) EURO 41,5,- or b) EURO 7,5,-