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Tampere Region - Finland

Lake Pukala

Summer activities in the Tampere Region

Other nature experiences and activities 

The Tampere Region offers plenty of different activities in beautiful natural surroundings.  
In addition to fishing, the region’s water areas are perfect for canoeing, rowing, boating and cruises – or just for swimming in the clean water on the shore of a summer cottage and for observing the surrounding aquatic nature.  
The Tampere Region is home to national parks and hiking trails that will charm you with their natural beauty.  
In the shelter of the forest, your soul will find rest and your mind will clear.  
Lake Vaskivesi
Tampere is the liveliest inland port in Finland. You can easily take in the region’s scenic water routes from aboard a ship.  
Trumpet chantarelles (Chantarelllus tubaeformis)
In autumn, the berry and mushroom crops of forests are ready and waiting. Picking berries and mushrooms is not restricted in Finland under public rights of access. September and October are the best months to find trumpet chantarelles.  
Chanterelle Cranberry
Delicious fish dishes are an integral part of the Finnish way of life. Smoked and fried fish, fish soup and other treats taste best when made using ingredients fresh out of the water. Bon appétit!