ZANDERLAND - Ice and snow


Tampere Region - Finland

Winter activities in the Tampere Region

Ice and snow
– the Arctic Experience in Finland

In winter, forests and lakes are covered in snow and ice. Winter fishing, cross-country skiing, ice-skating, kick-sledding, snowshoeing and marvelling at wintry nature is reinvigorating, refreshing your body and soul.
Temperature variations cause cracks to appear on lake ice.
In early winter, when the natural ice is not yet covered in snow, skaters can have plenty of fun. Skating tracks are also ploughed onto the ice on Lakes Näsijärvi, Roine and Ruovesi in the winter.
In the spring, the ice becomes popular with outdoor, cross-country skiing and ice-fishing enthusiasts.
Speedy going on Lake Näsijärvi ice.
Aamulehti newspaper organises the Siilinkari Walk event on Lake Näsijärvi every March. This family event attracts thousands of participants.
Open-hearth pot coffee and grilling sausages over a campfire will be the perfect end to your perfect winter’s day.
In snowy winters, forests are covered in a thick layer of snow.