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Lake Tarjannevesi is characterised by a splendid range of rock-lined islands, long reedy shores and major depth variations. Located in the Northern Tampere Region, this lake of rugged beauty is a great pike and zander site.

It’s a good idea to go after big pike in deeper waters.
Potential pike fishing sites include Purnunlahti Bay and its mouth area, Huilahti Bay, the waters close to Kauttakala Island, the sounds towards the Hauhuunvesi area, Syvinginsalmi Strait and the island area in the vicinity of Visuvesi village centre. The numerous mid-lake shallows make for great pike spots and in the summer you can catch a big pike close by while jigging for zander.
There are more than enough fishing grounds in the island area of Lake Tarjannevesi.
Island areas and mid-lake shallows

Zander can be found in abundance throughout the water area. You can go after zander in places such as the western and northern sides of Siperia Island and from there through to the northern side of Honkanen Island, the mouth areas of Pohjaslahti Bay and Syvinginsalmi Sound, as well as the areas surrounding Kuhakari Islet located to the north of Pöykkysaari Island. In these areas, a troller may also catch a brown trout on the end of their line on top of deeps and at the edges of banks.

The largest deeps lie in the mid-lake area and there are some places where water may be as much as 40–50 metres deep right off the shores of islands. The shallows rising from the midst of deeps up to a few metres and their banks provide potential fishing grounds.

A significant proportion of the islands on Lake Tarjannevesi fall within the National Shoreline Protection Programme.

The zander stock in Lake Tarjannevesi has become stronger during the 21st century.
Lakes Visuvesi, Vaskivesi and Toisvesi
Lakes Visuvesi and Vaskivesi (46.2 km2 in total) are part of the same water route as Lake Tarjannevesi. Big zander and pike are among the game species pursued in this water area that becomes narrower and narrower on its way towards the Town of Virrat.

Home to a ruggedly beautiful island area, Lake Vaskivesi has great depth variations and the Oikanselkä area, in particular, is renowned for its big pike. Lake Visuvesi is shallower. You can try to catch zander in places such as the areas surrounding the Savisaari beacon on Lake Vaskivesi and the shallow off the shore of Mustinsaari Island in the Visuselkä area of Lake Visuvesi.
To the north of Virrat lies Lake Toisvesi (29.4 km2), the deepest lake in the Tampere Region (85 m). The Y-shaped lake has excellent stocks of zander and there are big pike swimming around at mid-depth. Lake Toisvesi, is the region’s deepest (85 m).

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