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The fishing licence system

You don´t need a licence for ice-fishing...
The fishing licence system has three points

1. Angling with a hook and line, ice-fishing and Baltic herring fishing with a rig are free of charge under public rights of access, except in rapids fishing sites and lakes reserved for angling rainbow trout or other such special fishing sites.

2. Other fishing and crayfishing require people aged 18–64 to have paid the state fisheries management fee. That entitles angler to fish with one rod and lure with the exception of river and rapids sites and other special restricted areas, such as ‘plant and fish’ lakes. People aged under 18 or over 64 do not have to pay the state fishing management fee. In addition, they may fish with one rod and lure free of charge (with the exception of rapids sites and other special fishing sites).

3. For other types of fishing, people of all ages need also a fishing licence.


...or angling with a hook and line.

Payment of fees and licences:

a) The state fisheries management fee is payable at webshop, at R kiosks or at Nature Centres run by Metsähallitus. The annual fee is € 47, the weekly fee € 16 and the daily fee € 6. Only people aged 18-64 years will pay this fee.

b) Fishing licences may be acquired in two different ways:

1. Combined licences of the Fishing Pass for lure fishing on the large lakes of the Tampere Region. Entitles trollers to fish with several rods and lures at the same time. Details of prices, provisions and sales outlets can be found from these web pages.

2. A permit from a local fishery association or partnership or other owner of the water area* is necessary for net, trap and similar fishing and at rapids & rivers and other special sites, such as ‘plant and fish’ lakes. You may also purchase a lure fishing licence for lake fishing with several rods from a fishery association usually at a reasonable price; however, these licence areas are mostly quite limited in size.

The state fisheries management fee entitles you to fish with one rod on lakes. Fishing on rapids sites and other special sites require also a permit from the owner of the water area.
* Local fishery associations’ licences are sold by certain fishing tackle shops, petrol stations, village shops and accommodation sites. For many water areas local licences are also payable at webshop (available only in Finnish) where you can also purchase combined licences of the Fishing Pass.

* The state fisheries management fees can be paid at R-kiosks, at or at Nature Centres. There is also service number +358 20 69 2424, available weekdays 9–16.