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Kotalan Kosket Rapids

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Rapids fishing 

The rapid-flowing water sites in the Tampere Region vary from the narrow and small-scale rapids of the headwaters, with an average flow rate of just a few cubic metres or less, to the foaming white waters of the narrower stretches of major water routes, such as the Tammerkoski Rapids and the Kuokkalankoski and Herralankoski Rapids, with flow rates of dozens of cubic metres of water. Currents are weaker in the Kihniö Trout Rapids and in the Putajankoski Rapids in Suodenniemi, but the way that the brown trout snaps at a fly is just as fierce and startling as ever.


You will find a wide range of rapids sites in different parts of the region – many of these have been restored. The most popular sites are the Kotalan Kosket, Vilppulankoski, Siuronkoski and Tammerkoski Rapids. You can find the fastest flowing rapids in the southern part of the region, at the confluence of major lakes. Rapids sites usually have a catch quota, ranging from 1 to 3 salmonoids. Some sites also have a quota for anglers.

Licence prices vary between € 5 and € 30 per 24 hours. The best way to find up-to-date information is to ask licence-vendors.


In pursuit of rapids-dwelling brown trout

Fish bite on rapids by Jari Tuiskunen

Rapids fishing in the Tampere Region by Lauri Syrjänen




Rapids sites:

Tammerkoski Rapids  
Vilppulankoski Rapids  
Kotalan Kosket Rapids  
Herraskoski Rapids  
Kinhiö Trout Rapids  
River Viinikanjoki  
Aurejoki, upper area  
Aurejoki, lower area  
Naarajärvi Rapids area  
River Pääskylänjoki  
Apianvirta Stream  
Kuokkalankoski and Herralankoski Rapids  
Siuronkoski Rapids  
Stream fishing sites:  
Kaivanto Canal  
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