ZANDERLAND - Species - Cyprinids


Tampere Region - Finland

Lake Längelmävesi


Lake Rautavesi
Measuring more than 10,000 km, the shorelines of the Tampere Region provide endless opportunities for angling cyprinids. The most common cyprinids are roach, bream and bleak, which can be found in all the large and many of the small lakes. In lush lakes, these account for the main proportion of the total fish biomass.
Blue bream and silver bream are common species in large lush lakes, such as Lake Pyhäjärvi and Lakes Kulovesi and Rautavesi. Ide can be found in big lakes and it is also as a game species in certain rapids sites and lake torrent spots. Tench can be found in lakes such as Pyhäjärvi and Rautavesi. You can go angling for carp on Lake Iidesjärvi and Pahalampi Pond in Tampere.
Lake Iidesjärvi
Roach and bream are pursued in summer with hooks and lines at the flanks of rushes, for example. Bream are also eager to strike bottom fishing rigs. During hot summer spells, bream move in areas where the winds have pushed the warm surface water for some considerable time. Peacefully flowing stretches of rivers and sounds are also spots worth trying for roach and bream. In the winter, you can go ice-fishing for cyprinids. These are often caught as a secondary catch when ice-fishing for perch and zander.
Lake Ruovesi