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Tampere Region - Finland

Lake Näsijärvi is especially popular among trolling enthusiasts.

Salmonoids devour baitfish

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Brown trout and landlocked salmon

Brown trout from lakes and rapids
The best waters for brown trout in the Tampere Region, Lakes Näsijärvi and Pyhäjärvi, are right by the City of Tampere. The basins are tended with efficient planting activities and you have a very good chance of catching something. Lakes Tarjannevesi and Ruovesi, together with the clear-watered Lakes Längelmävesi, Roinevesi, Mallasvesi and Pälkänevesi are also basins to go for those in pursuit of brown trout. Admittedly, you may also get brown trout to bite on other large lakes in the region as well.

Brown trout is the most common catch in many rapids of the region. Rapids fishing sites have continuously grown in number and many of them have been improved, restoring the channels closer to their original shapes. Thus they will also be more suitable for species that thrive in streams, such as brown trout.

Landlocked salmon from Lake Näsijärvi 

On the waters of the Tampere Region, rods have been bent more and more frequently by landlocked salmon. Salmon catches are good on Lake Näsijärvi in particular. Lake ‘Nassy’ has provided trollers with several 4–8-kilo salmon in the last few years.

Landlocked salmon also snap eagerly in Lake Tarjannevesi, which has recently yielded several large specimens of this king of fish. Other waters where salmon may screech the brake of your reel include Lake Pyhäjärvi and Lake Ukonselkä in Kolho. Landlocked salmon have also been introduced to Lakes Kyrösjärvi and Pälkänevesi as well as to Lake Vehkajärvi in Kuhmalahti.

Trout and salmon bite early in the morning
The best lake fishing season for brown trout and salmon extends from May to July before the waters really warm up and from October to November, when the water temperature has fallen to 10 degrees and below. At that time, fish most often bite at the surface or close to the surface. In late summer and early autumn, salmonoids dive deeper to escape warm water, and they are sought at a depth of 5–15 m with divers and downriggers. In the summer, salmonoids bite best early in the morning around sunrise, which means that the early risers are often those who have the most success. As autumn sets in and as the amount of daylight shortens, salmonoids tend to feed more clearly around noon.
For trout and salmon trolling, people use smallish 7–13 cm long plugs. In most lakes, vendace coloured, blue-, red- and violet-backed and silver-flanked plugs and, in midsummer, even glaring red and smoked vendace coloured plugs are usually quite good. Especially when deep trolling, it is best to use flickering spoons, which are easily visible and audible in the depths, as well as baitfish rigs.
Photo: Matti Häkli and Jyri Hänninen
In late autumn on Lake Näsijärvi your lure may be grabbed
by real whoppers. Photo: Matti Häkli and Jyri Hänninen.