ZANDERLAND - Species - Zander - Jigging lure catches zander in winter


Tampere Region - Finland

Lake Pyhäjärvi


A Jigging lure catches zander in winter


Ice-fishing zander in winter is not a very well-known form of fishing in the lake district. Nevertheless, ice-fishing may yield quite good catches in good zander waters. The best time starts when the ice begins to clear of snow in March or April.

In winter, zander lie deep. It is therefore advisable to drill holes in the ice above steep banks. The appropriate fishing depth is 13–17 metres for open lake areas and 7–12 metres for more shallow bay areas. However, the best catching depth always depends on the water area.

Also in the wintertime, zander can be caught at the bottom with floating vertical jigging lures and balanced sinking lures. As bait you can use a perch eye. Zander usually bite immediately, so it’s no use lingering over the same hole for too long. The basic jigging technique that works both in summer and winter means quite frequent, peaceful and long attract draws.