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Fishing in Finland




The Tampere Region
- a freshwater anglers dream come true!

Lake Ukonselkä

Finland is the land of thousands of lakes.

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The abundance of water, a creation of the Ice Age, as well as good transport connections and services, make our country a dream destination for anglers. The wide-open blue lakes are waiting for you, with summer cottages scattered on their islands and shores.

The Tampere Region, located in the western part of the Finnish Lake District, is ideal for anglers. After all, as much as 14 % of our region’s total area is covered by water, thus offering you endless opportunities to engage in different forms of fishing all year round.

Stocks of zander have strengthened in most large lakes since a slight decline at the turn of the millennium. At present, it is not impossible to catch a big zander. As long as conditions and the choice of lure hit the mark, the silence may not only be disturbed by the diver’s cry but also by the loud buzz of the brake on your multiplier!

Lake Ruovesi

Pike can be found in all waters. In spring the end of May and the early June and in autumn October are the best seasons for big pike. Lately, people have also heard delightful reports of exceptionally large perch, which have emerged in many places and in quite large numbers. The warm summers have indeed done the trick for percoids.

The situation for salmonoids is also getting better. The vendace stock has strengthened in particular along the Lake Näsijärvi water route, which accelerates the growth of several predatory species, especially brown trout and landlocked salmon.

The following pages provide you with basic information about game fish species and fishing in the Tampere Region.

Lake Ruovesi

Accommodation in the heart of nature – guided fishing trips

You can find details of high-quality cottages and other rural accommodation sites for anglers and holidaymakers. Accommodation sites offer boats for hire and some also sell fishing licences. As part of an autumn fishing trip, you can also check out the berry and mushroom varieties on offer in the region’s forests.

The easiest way to find good fishing grounds is to seek professional advice. Fishing guides can take you to the best sites and can teach you the best fishing techniques for each season, showing you suitable lures and the hot spots in different water areas. Their high-quality boats make it fast and easy to move from place to place and take in the natural beauty of the lake scenery. Many foreign guests have discovered a completely different Finland when they have visited our superb fishing grounds with a professional guide.

Lake Rautavesi

Other things to see and experience

In addition to splendid fishing grounds, the Tampere Region has much more to offer for your holiday. Tampere, the third largest city in Finland with a population of 200,000, is a modern centre of cultural and business life, where you can find places to shop, restaurants, museums, an adventure park, theatres and a wide variety of events. In contrast, you can experience peace and quiet and splendid nature in the region’s forests, on the hiking trails of the national parks and in the countryside.
Welcome to the Tampere Region! We wish you a successful new year on the waters. May Ahti, the water god of the ancient Finns, be kind to you and not let the big one get away!




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