VIDEO 2011


Fishing and nature moments on the major lakes


Tampere Region, Finland


 12 episodes, 49 minutes


Photo: Jari Salonen

Photo: Jari Salonen

Photo: Jari Salonen


Photos: Ismo Kolari and Jari Salonen



  Episodes: Themes: Dur:
Lake Toisvesi – "Woah, that was one angry bite!" Jigging & trolling, zander, summer 4:02
Lake Pyhäjärvi"My record asp – no question!" Trolling, zander, asp, pike, summer 3:47
Lake Näsijärvi "Crayfish are quite plentiful here!" Crayfishing, summer 3:51
Lake Ruovesi – "Yes, a first-rate zander!"  Jigging, pike, zander, ide, autumn 4:32
Lake Rautavesi – "That was some deft net work!" Spinning, perch, zander, pike, summer 3:32
Lake Kyrösjärvi – "Come to Daddy!" Jigging, zander, autumn 4:48
Tampere Fish Fair – "You can sample it!" Fish dishes, autumn 2.45
Finnish fish delicacies on an open fire Making fish dishes, autumn 4:59
Lake Näsijärvi – "A plump fish!" Trolling, brown trout, pike, late autumn 4:44
Lake Tarjannevesi – "Please don’t let it jump!" Spinning, pike, late autumn 4:29
Lake Längelmävesi – "Looks about the same size range!" Spinning & trolling, pike, late autumn 3:38
Lake Mallasvesi – "Fish are ready to bite now! Ice-fishing, perch, early winter 4:50
  Zanderland Stories  
  Maps: SounDesign Jani Kemppinen
  Music: Heikki Markkula and Tero Mäenpää
  Aerial filming: Lentokuva Vallas
  Camera, editing and production: Jari Salonen, NaturPro Films
  Catering: Ritva Pirttilahti
  Producer: Ismo Kolari
  Publisher: ProAgria Pirkanmaa Rural Advisory Centre, Internationally on the Fishing Waters
  This film was released with funding from the Pirkanmaa Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment.  
  We would like to thank the following partners and friends:  
  Näsijärvi Fishing Area
Pirkkala Fishing Area
Roine-Mallasvesi-Pälkänevesi Fishing Area
Ruovesi-Kuorevesi Fishing Area
Vammala Fishing Area
  Jukka Halonen
Tapio Ruohomäki
Pekka Välkki
Jari Seppälä
Mikko Ollila, Vaparetket Fishing Guide Services
Timo Kuuppo
Kalle Paavola, Pro kalastus
Kalle Kauppila
Juha Happonen, Fishing Guide Services Happonen
Jari Halme
Santtu Kilpikoski
Outi Penttilä
Niemi-Kapee Farm
Sampsa Liimola, Tampere Region Nature and Fishing Trips
Timo Holopainen
Haapasaari Holiday Village
Pekka Kojola
Viktor Podbereznyj
  The right spots, the right tackle and the right men for the job!
That’s how it goes.
  Made in Finland 2011. All rights reserved.  



Good fishing


Catch of the day on the Vilppula Route

Finland is the blue land of thousands of lakes. The Tampere Region, located in the western part of the Lake District, offers a diverse range of fishing sites to suit every taste.

This video will show a tiny part of the opportunities that our region offers to fishing enthusiasts and holiday makers. Fishing for pike, zander, brown trout and some other game fish species in the big lakes and rapids is introduced. During the 25 minutes fishing trip we will meet a group of professional fishing guides and see some holiday cottage sites in the Tampere Region. The film begins with a two minute trailer that contains the highlights.

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About the film

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Fishing in the Tampere Region Finland

Part The fishing tourism company Lenght Size
1. The Trailer   2.22 min. 16.7 MB
2. Finding the Tampere Region/
Fishing for pike on the Vilppula Route.
Retu-Retket Outdoor Travels 2.31 min. 17.7 MB
3. Jigging for zander on the Vilppula Route. Fishing Guide Services Juha Happonen 2.59 min. 20.9 MB
4. Vilppulankoski Rapids. Fishing Guide Services Juha Happonen 1.18 min. 9.2 MB
5. Fly-fishing for brown trout on Kotalan Kosket Rapids. Fishing Guide Services Juha Happonen 3.53 min. 27.3 MB
6. Angling on Lake Kyrösjärvi. Kultahaveri cottages.  Kultahaverin Vapaa-aika Oy 2.10 min. 15.1 MB
7. Fishing for asp on the torrents of Lake Rautavesi. Fishing guide meeting "Toutaintreffit". Vaparetket Fishing Guide Services 2.22 min. 16.7 MB
8. Myllyvainio cottage. Trolling and spinning on Lake Pyhäjärvi. Smoking zander. Myllyvainion Kuhat Cottage / Heikki Honkanen Fishing Trips 
Tampere Region Nature and Fishing Trips
2.05 min. 14.7 MB
9. Five star cottage Villa Grande. Crayfishing on Lake Roine and the crayfish party. Uotila Holiday Cottages 1.51 min. 13.0 MB
10. Trolling competition "Rönnin Veto" on Lake Längelmävesi. Rönni Leisure Centre 2.49 min. 19.8 MB
Fly-fishing on Kotalan Kosket Rapids   Smoked fish tastes delicious   Crayfishing on Lake Roine