ZANDERLAND - Angler’s calendar - Spring


Tampere Region - Finland

Lake Pyhäjärvi

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Angler’s calendar for the lakes of the Tampere Region

You can fish here all year round. The following calendar briefly explains fishing for the most common game species in different seasons. In addition to predatory fish, it is also possible to fish roach, bream and other cyprinids all year round, using ice-fishing tackle in the winter and angling with a hook and line during the open-water season.


Average monthly temperatures and daily ranges are provided from the 1971–2000 climate statistics measured at Tampere/Pirkkala weather station. Sunrise and sunset times are based on the 15th day of each month.
Typical daily temperature: -5°C – +5°C
Average temperature: -2.8°C, max. 14.4°C, min. -29.1°C (1971-2000)
Sunrise at 6:41, sunset at 18:28 (15 March)
Typical game species, fishing methods and catch depths:
Perch, roach (whitefish, pike, zander) 5–15 m
Lake Pyhäjärvi
The difference between day and night temperatures is at its most extreme. The temperature may even be 25 degrees below at sunrise and may rise above zero in the afternoons. In early March, the amount of snow is at its peak, but it subsides from the ice as the sun starts to warm the air.

The ice cover is at its strongest. In severe winters, there is 60–80 cm of ice. The spring weather is fine and life is good. The best ice-fishing season is in full swing as perch become more active. Big perch may bite fiercely as early as at sunrise at around six in the morning.



Typical daily temperature: 3°C – 13°C
Average temperature: 3.0°C, max. 24.2°C, min. -14.8°C (1971-2000)
Sunrise at 6:02, sunset at 20:49 (15 April)
Typical game species, fishing methods and catch depths:
Perch, roach (whitefish, pike, zander) 5–15 m
Lake Pyhäjärvi
Early April may still see freezing overnight temperatures. If the ice cover is still strong enough, the early part of April is a good time to ice-fish for perch and whitefish. When going out on the ice, you should take special care during this period; in springtime, even a strong ice cover may break under the weight of someone moving about on the ice.

Towards the end of the month, spring makes great strides, while the ice rapidly becomes weaker and the ice-fishing season comes to an end. The ice melts away from small lakes after mid-April and generally by the turn of April and May from larger lakes.


Lake Rautavesi

Typical daily temperature: 10°C – 20°C
Average temperature: 9.5°C, max. 28.4°C (1971-2000)
Sunrise at 4:35, sunset at 22:10 (15 May)
Typical game species, fishing methods and catch depths:
Spinning: Trolling:
Pike 1–5 m Pike 1–5 m
Zander 1–10 m (jig)
Perch 1–5 m
Brown trout, landlocked salmon 1–5 m
(from the surface waters on the deep areas)

Lake Ruovesi

The open-water season begins. Having spawned around the break-up of the ice, pike start to refuel. Depending on the temperature, the best pike spinning season in shallow waters falls between the second and fourth weeks of May. The fishing season for perch and zander is just getting started. Water temperatures vary between 5 and 15 degrees in May and brown trout and landlocked salmon can be found close to the surface.