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– ideal for zander anglers


In the western part of the Tampere Region you’ll find the oblong and brownish Lake Kyrösjärvi, which has become one of Finland’s best zander lakes over the last ten years.

Zander is the dominant species in Lake Kyrösjärvi.
A zander lake beyond compare
The average size of zander is not big, but the odds of making a catch are good. A typical game zander caught from Lake Kyrösjärvi is a 40–45 cm brass-flank, but there are also specimens weighing several kilos swimming around in the depths of this fascinating fishing lake.
A stretch of the long wide open mid-lake area of Lake Kyrösjärvi.
Early-season hot spots in shallow waterse
The zander season starts as early as May, when zander can be found in bay waters and, in some places, in very shallow waters as low as one metre.
In the middle of the Kyrösjärvi mid-lake area, there is an expansive section that is more than 20 metres deep. There are shallows rising to the surface from the ends of deeps and the edges of these shallow waters are ideal jigging spots at 5–10 metres in mid-summer and autumn.

In late autumn, zander can also be caught deeper, in waters that are over 10 metres deep. An echo sounder is an essential aid for locating schools of fish in the wide open mid-lake waters of Lake Kyrösjärvi.

Sizeable perch can be found in shoals and at their edges.
Perch and pike from zander sites
In addition to zander, big perch are eager to snatch soft-bait jigs in late summer and autumn close to the shallows at the edges of mid-lake areas. The lake is also home to good-sized pike. The early season is the most reliable time to find pike in bay waters. One example of a good pike site is the Luhalahti area. In the mid-lake shallows, it is possible to catch over a metre-long pike while jigging for zander. It’s also worth going after pike by trolling along the edges of banks of these shallows.

The bottom of Lake Kyrösjärvi is mostly fairly even, which generally makes it possible to fish for pike by floating the lures right at the bottom using sinkers without getting them entangled.
Zander change place according to the wind and the weather and you must find the hot
spots all over again every time.
Plenty of zander spots
The Heittolanlahti Bay area is a potential zander site in the early season. Other zander spots include the long Kovelahti Bay and the areas surrounding Mansoniemi Point sticking into the bay at the flank of a Road 3 bridge, the edges of the Isonselkä Deep off the Town of Ikaalinen, the Majoosselkä waters in front of Kränännokka Point in Arasalo, the western and eastern sides of Kolkonsaari Island as well as the east side of Rajasaari Island. The sound between Touhunsaaret islands and Haveri Holiday Centre is also a good perch site.

In the south-eastern part of the lake lies the more limpid Viljakkalanselkä area, which is connected to the main basin through Inkulansalmi Sound. You can catch perch, zander and pike at the flanks of Viljakkalanselkä shallows.

In June, there are some reserve areas in the shallows to guarantee zander an opportunity to spawn in peace. These areas are marked.

Typical features of Lake Kyrösjärvi include sandy beaches and rocky shores. In many places, shoreline waters are very shallow. Winds blowing from northwest and southeast may produce high waves on the long mid-lake area. There are cottage accommodation sites on the lake shores and Ikaalinen Spa also offers other services.
A three-kilo pike snatched the soft plastic as a secondary
catch when jigging for zander.

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