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Lake Längelmävesi



– the regional lake of the Tampere Region


Dotted with islands, Lake Längelmävesi is the second largest lake in the River Kokemäenjoki water body. The lake offers an abundance of space, beautiful island sceneries and a chance to break your own catch records.

The Saksalonselkä area yields nice catches of pike.
In terms of its basic type, the water in Lake Längelmävesi is bright but slightly muddy, which means that the visible depth is not very good in the summertime. Flowing from northeast to southwest, the lake is divided into five sections separated by narrow sounds.

At the northeast end lies the Koljonselkä area with water colour slightly more brownish than in the downstream lake areas.
A spinning angler may catch the pike of a lifetime on Lake Längelmävesi.

South to Rönni Sound spreads out a wide section formed by Pappilanselkä, Ristiselkä and Enonselkä areas, which are a good site for catching big zander and pike. The deeps are extensive, but shore waters are shallow far into the lake. In many places, water depth is less than two metres even hundreds of metres away from the shore.

Ponsanselkä is a large and wide open mid-lake area. To the south of Patasalmi Sound, the lake becomes shallower and more fragmented, thus providing plenty of great pike spots.

The wide open Ponsanselkä is sometimes as smooth as glass.
Pike and zander are the most sought-after game species on Lake Längelmävesi. You can go after zander in sites such as the entire Pappilanselkä area, in Ristiselkä area located to the west of Eräsalo, the western and northern parts of Ponsanselkä and along the boat route between Pelisalmi and Vahderpäänsalmi sounds.

Ideal sites for catching pike include waters close to Rönninsalmi Sound, the areas surrounding Kivikari Islet on Pappilanselkä and Koivulahti Bay in the spring, the shore areas of Enonselkä and the areas surrounding Mustisaari Island, the northern shore waters of Ponsanselkä and the entire area between Patasalmi Sound and Kaivanto Canal.
The beauty of Ristiselkä islands.
On Lake Längelmävesi, similar to many other lakes in the Tampere Region, the amount of big perch has increased during the 21st century. You can head to the shallows of the Ponsanselkä mid-lake area, for example, to go after big perch weighing as much as a kilo.
Mid-lake shoals make for great fishing grounds.

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