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  Roine and Mallasvesi
– fishing on bright waters


Lakes Roine and Mallasvesi are limpid basins with sounds and rocky islands that offer intriguing grounds for catching pike, zander and perch.

In the autumn, you can catch a pike with a spoon from the eastern rocky shores of Lake Roine.

Trolling for salmonoids in wide open mid-lake areas

The waters of Lake Längelmävesi flow into Lake Roine through Kaivanto Canal. The area off Kaivanto is a renowned zander and trout site. Anglers troll for zander at the flanks of mid-lake shallows and, during hot summer spells, in the surface waters of mid-lake areas.
Anglers trolling for salmonoids head to the deep wide open mid-lake area of Roine.
Rocky shores brimming with pike

In some places, the shoreline of Lake Roine is very rocky. There are also shallow and extensive reedy areas on the western shore and in the bay and sound waters of Saarikylät islands. Lake Mallasvesi is very rocky, in particular off the Town of Valkeakoski; the shoreline becomes more even towards the Town of Pälkäne. The water quality in Lake Mallasvesi is among the best of all the major lakes in the region.

Pike can be pursued in bay waters in early summer and from rocky shores and places with aquatic vegetation in the summer and autumn. The Tossanselkä area of Lake Roine, the sounds of Saarikylät islands and the western part of Lake Mallasvesi are home to plenty of shoals where pike hunt for their prey.

Shallows growing aquatic plants make for good pike spots.
The zander stock is stronger in Lake Roine. In the summer, zander can be pursued by trolling on top of deep mid-lake waters and using soft plastic jigs at bank spots. The Tossanselkä area is a good zander site, as evidenced by the names of two shoals in the middle of the area, Kuhakarit (‘Zander Shoals’) and Kuhakivet (‘Zander Rocks’). In recent years, anglers have caught even quite sizeable zander in Lake Mallasvesi, but the zander stock is generally not as strong as on the Lake Roine side.

Both lakes are sure-fire perch fishing grounds and the area is currently home to sizeable perch. In the winter, it’s worth going after perch using jigging lures in these limpid lakes in relatively deep water, at more than 10 metres.
The beautiful sandy ridge of Vehoniemi is a nature reserve.
The deepest areas of Lake Mallasvesi lie between Myttäälä and Äimälä. The lake’s game species include whitefish and it also has good stocks of bream. Crayfish pots yield nice catches of signal crayfish on both lakes.
Lake Mallasvesi is connected to another large limpid lake, Pälkänevesi, through River Kostianvirta.
In the winter, perch thrive in fairly deep waters in the limpid Lake Mallasvesi.

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