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Tampere Region - Finland

Kotalan Kosket Rapids

Rapids fishing in the Tampere Region

For rapids anglers, the Tampere Region can offer about twenty interesting sites where you can be relatively sure to catch something. These sites include the Kotalankosket Rapids in Virrat, the River Viinikanjoki in Parkano and the Tammerkoski Rapids in Tampere, which have been awarded national ‘Laatu-Apajat’ (‘Quality Spot’) status. Of the large rapids routes, the Herraskoski Rapids in Virrat and the Vilppulankoski Rapids in Vilppula could also be included with these.

The rapid-flowing waters of the Tampere Region are part of the Kokemäenjoki water system and are mainly water routes, where fish have free access to move from lakes to rapids or from one rapids area to another. At those sites that have been restored to ensure the welfare of the fish, the fishing conditions and complementary services on offer have been successfully developed to meet the expectations of the most discerning anglers.

Water quality at all sites is suitable for the fish. The colour of the water becomes muddier on the way from North to South and from East to West, starting from the clear-watered River Pääskylänjoki in Längelmäki, through the brown-watered Lake Aurejärvi Route in Parkano to the muddy-clay Haihunkoski Rapids in Viiala and ending up back in the clear-watered Apianvirta Stream in Valkeakoski.

The game fish pursued are brown trout, rainbow trout, grayling, whitefish and asp and, of course, other natural species as well. The Kotalankosket Rapids in Virrat and the River Pääskylänjoki in Längelmäki are pure brown trout and grayling rapids, while there are enough asp for everyone in the Kuokkalankoski Rapids in Lempäälä, the Haihunkoski Rapids in Viiala and the Siuronkoski Rapids in Nokia.


The most recommended fishing method on these fast-flowing and rocky rapids is undoubtedly fly-fishing. Sites exclusively reserved for fly-fishing include the Kituskoski Rapids in the Kotalan Kosket Rapids area, the Putajankoski Rapids in Suodenniemi and a short but infallible stretch of the Tammerkoski Rapids. Restocking activities of rainbow trout and brown trout added at angling size favour streamer fishing. The ‘must have’ tackle that you will need anywhere consists of a class 4–5, 9-inch rod and a floating line with a tapered leader that can be weighted, where necessary. Of the streamers, a Tinseli and a white Marabou Muddler and, of the small flies, a Goldhead March Brown, a Mysis imitation and a Nalle Puh (‘Winnie the Pooh’) will usually guarantee at least a bite.

It is worth noting that the Tampere Region also offers successful fly-fishing opportunities in winter; only a very snowy winter will limit this. Obviously, this does not affect the Tammerkoski Rapids, where anglers’ routes are ploughed and sanded to avoid slipping.

Lauri Syrjänen