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Tammerkoski Rapids

City of Tampere
  Fishing permitted from behind the safety fence of the rapids or from the shores of the Mältinranta fishing areas with one fly or lure. Use of all baits is prohibited. Fly-fishing permitted between the footbridges of Kehräsaari, on the eastern bank of the rapids with traditional fly-fishing tackle. The largest permitted catch per day is 2 salmonoids (not applicable to whitefish). Signs clearly mark the areas covered by the licence. Stepping on the light covers is prohibited. Smallest permitted size for brown trout is exceptionally 40 cm (concerning individuals without adipose fin) downstream from the uppermost dam. Smallest permitted size for brown trout is 50 cm (statutory smallest permitted size, concerning individuals without adipose fin) upstream from the uppermost dam.

All licences at Prices: € 4/6 hours, € 5/24 hours, € 20/week, € 70/year.
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Vilppulankoski Rapids            

Municipality of Vilppula
  Use of live bait is prohibited in the entire area. The licence entitles you to catch a maximum of 2 salmonoids and 2 asp per day. Fishing free of charge for family members aged under 15 when accompanied by the licence-holder. Only one hook allowed in lure (e.g. triple hook). Fishing cottages for hire, a guest quay and a caravan site.

Quay Restaurant Isabella (in guest quay) tel. +358 (0)3 471 6900 and Restaurant Isabella tel. +358 (0)3 471 6343. Prices: € 15/24 h, € 30/72 h.
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Kotalan Kosket Rapids
  Brown trout, grayling, ide, pike. 2 licence areas, total area about 3 km.
1. Traditional fly rod and hook allowed on the Kituskoski Rapids. 2. Fly rod and hook and spinning rod with a reel on the Vehmaskoski and Koskelankoski Rapids. Rod quotas 10 per area.

Kotalan kyläkauppa (Kotala village shop), tel. +358 (0)3 475 9132. Prices: € 15/6 h (quota 1 salmonoid), € 25/24 h (quota 2 salmonoid). 50 % off for people aged under 18, those aged under 15 free of charge when accompanied by the licence-holder (shared quota with licence-holder). You can also rent the entire licence area for € 300/24 h/area.
  Fishing on the Kotalan Kosket Rapids.


Herraskoski Rapids
  Brown trout. Licence area 200 m. Quota 4 anglers. All brown trout and landlocked must be released.

Petrol station Teboil-huolto, Virrat, tel. +358 (0)3 475 5460. Prices: € 25/24 h, in winter € 15/24 h. Combined licence Herraskoski Rapids and Lake Yläinen Toriseva € 33 /24 h.



Kihniö Trout Rapids
  Brown trout. River Myllyjoki and River Koskelanjoki. 5 fishing areas. Fishing only permitted in areas indicated by signs. Quota 10 anglers.

Sirola Center, Kihniö (shop), tel. +358 (0)3 448 4493. Prices: € 25/24 h (2 salmonoids), € 15/12 h (1 salmonoid).
  2 lean-tos with fireplaces, outdoor toilet facilities.


River Viinikanjoki
  Rainbow trout, brown trout, grayling. Licence area 2.5 km. Brown trout totally protected.

Kesport (sports shop), Shell (petrol station) in Parkano. Prices: € 15/24 h, € 7,5/24 h for those aged under 16.

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River Aurejoki, upper are (from Vesakoski to Lehtiniemenkoski Rapids)

Lake Vahojärvi Fishery Partnership.
  Brown trout. 4 rapids areas, river area about 2 km.

Cafe Exesso (ST1) Parkano. Prices: € 14/24 h, €7/24 h for those aged under 16. Fishing free of charge for family members aged under 10 when accompanied by the licence-holder.


River Aurejoki, lower area (from Kalliokoski to Poltinkoski Rapids)

Lake Leppäsjärvi Fishing Club.
  Rainbow trout, brown trout, grayling, pike, ide. 4 rapids areas, river area about 4 km. The licence entitles you to catch a maximum of 2 salmonoids per day.

Ikaalisten Golf (golf centre in Ikaalinen) and Manso Camping Ikaalinen, tel. +358 (0)3 452 7222. Prices: € 15/24 h, € 8/24 h for those aged under 12.


Naarajärvi Rapids
  Rainbow trout, brown trout. Licence area about 2,5 km from Lake Myllyjärvi to bridge of road Juurakontie. Quota 3 salmonoids per day.

Oriveden Pyörä (bike shop) in Orivesi and Prices: € 50/open water season, € 20/week, € 10/24 h.


River Pääskylänjoki
  Brown trout. 2 licence areas, total area about 1 km.

Prices for the upper river area € 7/24 h, licences: Ahti Ylönen. Prices for the lower river area € 10/24 h, licences: Juha Nykänen.


Apianvirta Stream


Brown trout, rainbow trout, grayling, zander, perch, pike. Licence area about 300 m. Catch quota for brown trout and rainbow trout 2 fish per 24 hours.

Sportia Valkeakoski (sports shop) and Hotel Waltikka in Valkeakoski. Prices: € 4/24 h, € 9/week.


Kuokkalankoski and Herralankoski Rapids
  Asp, rainbow trout, brown trout, pike, zander. Licence area 2 km.

Licences: Sportia Matti (sports shop) and Neste Lempäälä (2 petrol stations), Prisma info point in Ideapark, Kalastus-Suomi and Prices: € 15/24 h, € 43/week, € 110/year, € 55/year for those aged 11-18.

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Siuronkoski Rapids
  Rainbow trout, asp, zander. Licence area 400 m.

Licences: Grill kiosk Pia & Katja and Koski-Baari Bar in Siuro, Nippon Verkko in Tampere, Kalakaapu in Nokia. Prices: € 14/24 h, € 36/week, € 110/year (those aged under 16 for half-price).


Kaivanto Canal
  Rainbow trout, perch, pike and other such lake species.

Licence area at the confluence of Lakes Längelmävesi and Roine.
Licences: Kaivanto kiosks and Prices: € 5/24 h, € 10/week, € 50/season. Notice. Angling with a hook and line is forbidden in Kaivanto (as it is also in rapids fishing sites and other special sites)!



River Pappilanjoki
  Rainbow trout, zander, pike, asp. Licence area about 4 km.

Licences: Frantsilan Kehäkukka in Hämeenkyrö (shop and cafe), in summer at information office. Prices: € 7/week, € 18/year. Those aged under 18: € 5/week, € 10/year. The combined licence for Mahnalanselkä and Kirkkojärvi (see also Fishing Pass licences) also entitle you to fish in the area.